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Good Instructions, Great Results: Part 2

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about how various clients over the years had added instructions on the product they had purchased from Charopy and I called it Good Instruction, Great Results. So this post is a natural continuation of that theme, as from today clients purchasing a standard panel from Charopy (the most popular product) can take advantage of our years of experience in understanding user adoption by displaying a new sticker we have designed.

We wanted something that conveyed the key message of recycling along with instructions on usage, but using as few words as possible. When you are standing in front of a bin, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time trying to understand how it works or what types of products it will accept.

You'll notice the scan arrow is actually based upon a bar code, just to make Step 1 even clearer for first time users. Step 2 also has a clear arrow pointing to where that action takes place. Even if you don't read the text in the upper right, the fun border of cans and bottles is hard to miss, further helping to communicate the types of items this bin is designed to accept.

Another service we've recently added is making it even easier for potential clients to order our technology by cutting and delivering border panels for existing bins. If your bin surrounds have a vertical opening then just give us the dimensions and we can arrange for a sheet to be cut from the beautiful recycled plastic shown below.

Taking this option you'll get a standard Charopy panel with no visible screws surrounded by a cut to size piece of material that really enhances the story around your sustainability initiatives. Whilst you could use any material to hold the Charopy panel in place, I think the imperfections in the recycled sheet actually enhance its beauty. But the choice is yours if you prefer a different material, especially if you want to place an even large sticker over the top of it.

Whilst we really like the sticker design above, many large clients design their own instructions to match their company's branding guidelines; so even if you don't use the sticker shown here, try to design your own instructions with a similar level of brevity and clarity and I'm sure your Charopy launch will be a huge success.



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