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Eliminate Recycling Bin Contamination
When education and signage do not deliver the required level of compliance in out of home recycling bins, our technology provides a solution. A locked flap that only opens for eligible items, combined with real time online reporting. Charopy is the ideal tool for sustainability managers and facilities managers in shopping centres, hospitals, stadiums, corporate offices and more.
A small selection of who we've worked with so far
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Restoring Faith in Recycling
The overwhelming majority of the population support improved recycling outcomes but can become jaded when they see a contaminated recycling bin that will most likely end up in general waste. This not only contributes to our problem with landfill, but can make people question why they are doing the right thing. By enforcing strict source separation, especially when done under a legislated container deposit scheme, Charopy technology allows you to tell your staff or customers with confidence that your recycling bin contents will genuinely be recycled.        

Flexible Design and Integration Options
Whilst Charopy (pronounced rhyming with 'canopy') originally worked with schools (our 120L and 240L smart wheelie bins lids are still available), the overwhelming majority of our client base these days is with retail, corporate and government clients wanting more elegant bin housings and bin stations. 

Our standard panel (pictured) can be retrofitted into almost any bin housing with a vertical opening and is the most common product sold. More recently we have been doing an increased amount of custom projects. Customisation can include unique dimensions, custom colours, custom methods of securing the Charopy panel and battery or solar powered bins with waterproofing and UV protection for outdoor requirements.

Want a smart bin unlike anyone else - just ask. We love solving new problems when not selling the current range.

We are also doing software customisation when requested. Integrating live bin data into digital screens is a powerful way to maximise the impact of your Charopy installation. Larger clients are also asking about API data feeds into existing software packages rather than utilising the current Charopy online portal where clients can view bin contents over time by material type (PET, HDPE, aluminium, glass etc) along with a range of other relevant information.

Our blog has more news on some of our latest projects

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If you share our passion for improved recycling outcomes we would love to hear from you.

Thank you. Someone from Charopy will be in touch soon.

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