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Digital screen integration

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

This recent installation of Charopy technology by Brookfield Place in Perth may be the most impressive client implementation to date. They have taken a redundant ATM location and turned it into an amazing CDS recycling bin that raises money for charity. This implementation has used our standard panel to ensure non contamination in collection, but what is most impressive is the digital screen that Brookfield Properties commissioned Charopy to design.

With a background of working in technology innovation I love it when a client asks for something we've never seen before. Whilst we have integrated a digital screen to live data from bin transactions previously, this was the first time we used a basic animation linking the behaviour of the current person standing in front of the bin to the behaviour of past users by showing the material breakdown of what is actually in the bin. This goes part of the way towards our dream of restoring public faith in recycling, as hopefully it will educate people more about the importance of a clean stream of recycling matter at the initial point of collection.

The screen also uses real time updates to show how the correct recycling actions of all customers are directly helping the charity partner of Brookfield; initially Plastic Free July. The screen has been designed in a way that the client can easily change the listed charity partner from time to time.

There is much more we could be doing with digital screens (including much bigger screens) dynamically linked to real time data on every bin transaction, and with the range of innovative clients that we are working with today, I am sure you are going to see a lot more activity in this space in the not too distant future.

If you want to see the on screen experience (and you can't get to the Perth CBD), please click here.

November Update: We've made this product even better now with a much faster updating of the screen when the bin is used. You can see the old versus the new by clicking here.

One other thing we have seen since launching is that the ground level digital screen has significantly raised the awareness of recycling with commercial office tenants in the building. This has caused a number of tenants to ask building management if they can also collect containers for recycling on their floors to raise money for the same nominated charity. To ensure their collections are recognised, building management can now manually edit the amount shown as raised for charity based upon collections from tenants, without having to put every can and bottle one by one through the Charopy bin.

It is always nice when you design a technology for one purpose and then it ends up having an even greater impact than first imagined.



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