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Website refresh

In my last blog post I made reference to the Charopy website reflecting what the business looked like pre-Covid, but that this was not a fair representation of the business and product range today. Well the new and updated homepage just went live yesterday, and the rest of the site will be progressively updated to the new look and feel with some additional content added over the coming weeks / months. We are trying to go for a more industrial business to business look given the vast bulk of our clients are large businesses. And we have really tried to emphasise our expertise and credentials in the IoT smart bin space, as this is where we have spent the last two years building up a leading position within our specific market segment.

We also added this diagram to the homepage. In the past we have emailed this to clients and prospects, but I am keen to get more of this type of technical information into the hands of interested parties much sooner. Especially as there are now interior designers and others involved in the early stages of specifying products for commercial and retail fit-outs who need this type of information at their fingertips.

I will probably do a future post on this standard bin panel, including instructions on how to easily retrofit it into an existing bin housing, but for now it is just nice to see the homepage of this site better reflecting what we actually do on a daily basis, and not being all about products we used to sell or industry sectors that we used to service.

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