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Two ways to check available balance

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

The are two different ways to view the current amount your child has to spend on his or her Charopy wristband. When you first registered or anytime you Add Funds, you will receive an email confirmation with a URL that you can click. Please bookmark this URL if you want to check the balance often. You will also be able to view a list of all recent transactions.

The second way is way more high tech, and always seems to impress people when I show them. But the downside is it only works on some phones - most Androids and the newer iPhones.

If your Android phone supports Google Pay or Samsung Pay and you have NFC activated in Settings then you should be able to tap onto your child's wristband in order to see the current balance of his or her account. Please note that this feature is only activated on the wristband once your child has done his or her first 'earn' transaction through recycling. For iPhone users, the versions 7, 8 and X iPhones can only read NFC Tags if you download and open an NFC reading app first, but the newer XS, XS Max and XR iPhones operate in a similar way to most Android NFC phones in that so long as you have NFC turned on in Settings, then simply tapping your phone against your child's Charopy wristband will show the current balance and recent transaction history.

I've heard of parents doing this every morning before the kids leave the house, and I've even had one person tell me how great this feature is as they simply tap the child's phone after school and know how much money and at what times of the day that child spent money in the school canteen, and even whether or not that child returned any items for recycling that day rather than throwing them into the general rubbish bin.

Please note that the internal NFC antenna within the phone is located in different locations on different devices, so it may not work in exactly the same way (corner of phone) as illustrated in the diagram above. If this method fails on your phone, then just click the link sent in the email confirmation you receive anytime you Add Funds to your child's Charopy account and you will see the same account information.



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