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Source Separation as a Service

You've probably heard about Software as a Service (SaaS), but what about SSaaS?

At Charopy we've been on a mission to bring technology to solve a problem that education and signage alone were failing to solve - that problem being contamination in out of home recycling bins leading to poor recycling outcomes and increased landfill. And we've picked up some fantastic clients along the way who share our vision and don't want to leave this problem in the too hard basket.

But as a company we are ready to take this technology to a much wider market and really move the needle on improved recycling outcomes at scale through reduced bin contamination. In the recycling industry we call this "source separation." Here is a definition from

"Source separation is the segregation of different types of solid waste at the location where they are generated (a household or business). The number and types of categories into which wastes are divided usually depends on the collection system used and the final destination of the wastes. The most common reason for separating wastes at the source is for recycling. Recyclables that are segregated from other trash are usually cleaner and easier to process."

To date Charopy clients have paid upfront to own our hardware, but going forward we will be offering Source Separation as a Service. If you manage a portfolio of out of home bins and are looking for a more cost effective model for solving contamination whilst also wanting peace of mind that you'll get new for old replacement if our technology ever breaks down at your site, no matter how old the bin is, then maybe now is the time to talk to Charopy.

When you are ready to ditch the dream that everyone will read your signs and obey your nicely painted colour coded bins, then you are probably ready for SSaaS.



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