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Partners for Change

One of the things the team at Charopy is excited about in 2022 (and there are many many things to choose from) is the Partners for Change program run by Containers for Change in Queensland. The first of a number of sites going live with our smart bin technology under this program was AMP Capital's Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and looking at the photo below you can see what a great job they have done with the implementation.

A standard panel from Charopy has been retrofitted to an existing shopping centre bin surround and teamed with one of our digital screens to make the entire setup significantly more engaging for consumers using the bin. Actually the digital screen is simply a relatively low cost wifi enabled TV. Charopy deliver the content to that screen so that when the person uses the bin they can see in real time how their correct recycling behaviour is also supporting a local charity, funded by Queensland's container refund scheme. In addition, the screen shows the material type of the container being deposited and the breakdown of material types within the bin - partly to show consumers that this really is a smart bin that knows exactly what is going in.

If you are in Queenland and wanting to know more about how your organisation can benefit from the Partners for Change program the details on how to contact them can be found by clicking this link.



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