Eliminate Recycling
Bin Contamination
What started with children in schools, is now available in a range of non-kerbside locations
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Charopy was established with the objective of achieving the highest return rates and lowest contamination as a part of a legislated container deposit scheme.

By solving the problem of contaminated recycling bins for schools, we realised we had actually solved a much bigger problem. Charopy is now available for offices, factories, food outlets or for any organisation wanting to ensure that a recycling bin actually does get recycled.     

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Different Models to Choose From
Our flagship product for all organisations is the smart bin (in varying sizes) that allows only container deposit scheme material to be deposited, thereby ensuring that this most valuable form of waste can be redeemed for maximum value. This bin lid supplies real time data to sustainability managers to monitor impact and reduce costs. 
  1. Wheelie bin lid - select the appropriate lid size that fits easily to any standard 120L or 240L Australian wheelie bin.  
  2. Standard retro fit panel - An easy way to incorporate Charopy technology into existing bin housings at shopping centres and in other commercial premises.  
  3. Custom design - Charopy can design a uniquely sized panel to fit a wide range of settings including new office fit-outs, and even incorporate a digital screen displaying dynamic content related to bin activity for clients wanting something even more engaging and innovative.   

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