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Creating your own look and feel for a smart bin solution

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

In the early days of the Charopy smart bin we were installing our technology within 120L and 240L wheelie bin lids. Lately we have been doing an increased amount of work where clients have wanted a smart bin that achieves a more integrated look within their broader interior design scheme. An early example of doing custom work to retro-fit an existing bin housing was this work for AMP Capital at Macquarie Shopping Centre.

Given the demand from clients wanting a panel containing all the Charopy technology that can be easily integrated into offices and shopping centres at an early stage when concepts are being explored, especially with new A Grade office fitouts, we have a relatively new standard sized panel which is 459 x 199 x 3mm. Using a rebate cut into the door (or any custom cabinetry) of 460 x 200mm clients are able to get a very nice fit where the panel sits flush with the wooden door on the bin housing.

Actually this panel doesn't need to be fitted to a door, as it can work in any vertical space where a hole can be cut and where a bin can be placed behind or underneath. We already have some existing and potential clients exploring a few very creative ideas given this flexibility. The photo below shows the rebate cut and the panel (post fitting) where that panel needed to sit flush with the front of the bin.

A good example of a client using this standard panel is Vicinity Centres at Bankstown Central Shopping Centre. By taking this panel and attaching it within the rebate cut, they now have an attractive bin that fits in well within the existing design of their food court.

For clients who want further customisation including a different colour or varied dimensions of the panel containing the Charopy technology please get in touch. Obviously manufacturing a non standard product incurs some extra cost, but given the potential high visibility and high utility of Charopy technology within your next resign, or within the existing look and feel of your current space, the cost may well be justified. However we end up working with you, we look forward to helping solve your challenges around obtaining a clean stream of CDS eligible recycling material - in an elegant yet functional bin housing.



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